Episode 19: Going the distance

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Jack Colreavy is one of the many elite athletes who compete for the sake of competing. There are no sponsors funding him, no scholarships at the AIS.

A marathon runner, Jack runs his own F45 business on the Central Coast of New South Wales to ensure he can compete around the world.

Jack was never the fastest or strongest growing up, but he found middle and long distance running suited him well and took up steeplechasing.

He was good enough to feature strongly in the Australian Athletic Championships, placing second and third in 2013 and 2016 respectively.

Jack though knew long distance running was what he truly excelled at and in 2015 he began transferring over to the marathon and half marathon.

Following a successful steeplechase season at the start of 2016, Jack made the switch full time to the longer distances and debuted in his first marathon in Melbourne that same year, finishing second at the National Championships. He clocked a time of 2.23.16.

In 2017 he improved significantly, running a PB of 2.18.32 and qualifying for the IAAF World Championships in London, finishing 45th out of 100.

In his spare time Jack also enjoys having a beer on the running track, having competed as a Beer Mile athlete.

The Beer Mile sees runners complete four circuits of a 400 metre track, but having to down four full strength beers. According to Jack, the hardest part is keeping the beers down.

The current record for the beer mile is 4 min 47 sec with Jack saying elite runners are aiming to once again break the four minute mile, this time with one litre of beer on board.

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