Episode 18: Open My Brain

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Tom English hasn’t always done it easy. The Melbourne Rebels back has had to fight for his spot from day one, and even then he was lucky to be there.

Before signing with the Rebels and heading south from Sydney, Tom tore his ACL and failed his initial medical with the club. But the coaching staff had faith in him and signed him anyway.

2013 was English’s first season of Super Rugby and through his hard work and dedication he made his debut in round four.

Throughout his first two seasons he put in strong performances and was invited to the Wallabies training camp as they prepared to face France. Although he didn’t make his international debut, there were promising signs for the 23 year old.

In the 2015 season Tom began struggling on the field and with that he had struggles off the field.

His initial solution was to train harder, believing that if his performances improved, everything else would improve.

However, his struggles continued and he ended up out of the side and he began to resent the game.

Tom eventually worked out his problems were closer to home and sought help for depression.

Since then he has put a greater focus on his mental wellbeing with his playing form also improving. He has also begun his own website, Open My Brain, and aims to bring more awareness of mental health in professional sport.

Open My Brain Facebook, Twitter and Instagram.

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