Episode Five: Building elite athletes

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Christian Woodford is the founder of Woodford Sports Science Consulting and prepares amateur athletes to take the next step toward a professional career as well as work with elite athletes to improve their performance and assist in injury prevention.

Woodford has built his business from the ground up in Melbourne and focuses on injury prevention as well as performance enhancement. For the past 15 months he has had former NRL player Sandor Earl in the gym preparing for a comeback to the professional rugby league ranks.

Christian is incredibly passionate about the fitness industry and has a wealth of information and research behind him.

He also speaks about his time working for Maryland University in the United States which gave him an insight into how Australian sport can improve their junior athlete programs.

Christian is knowledgeable in the area of injury prevention and developing an athlete’s posterior chain for improved performance. He wants to ensure the fitness industry is backed by research and experience.

His long-term goal is to run the best high performance centres in the world, a goal he says he’s already well on his way to accomplishing.

View the WSSC Facebook page here and Christian’s page here.

Thank you to Christian for reserving some time on his birthday to have a chat. You can also find more information about WSSC via their website.

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