Episode Four: Return from the wilderness

Please note there were some technical issues that affected the quality of the recording on Sandor’s end but I did my best to rectify the issues. This episode was also recorded just prior to the Melbourne Storm announcing Sandor had been signed.

This episode can be downloaded via PodBean and iTunes or Download this episode (right click and save).

In 2013, professional rugby league player Sandor Earl’s career came to a shuddering halt. He was charged and found guilty of using and trafficking banned substances and suspended for four years by the Australian Sports Anti-Doping Authority.

At 23 years old a rising career was put on hold and Earl was left two choices. Give up on ever returning to the NRL. Or bide his time and prepare to launch a return four years later.

The former Canberra Raiders winger chose the latter and headed to Thailand to give himself time and space aware from the fishbowl of Sydney.

While overseas Earl branched out into entrepreneurship, owning a cafe and two gyms and learning what it takes to run businesses successfully.

After two years away from home, he returned to Melbourne via Sydney, selling off his Thai businesses and setting up an F45 Training franchise in Melbourne.

Earl speaks of growing up in Sydney and getting the chance as a teenager to play for his boyhood club, the Sydney Roosters, under NRL legend Brad Fittler.

He adds a real human aspect to the now infamous supplements saga that he was caught up in alongside the Cronulla Sharks and Essendon Bombers.

The former winger also speaks about the challenges of operating small businesses alongside training for an eventual return to the NRL, often working up to 16 hours a day.

A big thank you to Sandor for being so candid and finding time in his busy schedule to have a chat.

Also congratulations to him for breaking the Woodford Sports Science Consulting deadlift record.

If you want to connect with Sandor you can find him on Facebook.

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