Episode 3: Building the next generation

The episode is available via PodBean here and iTunes or Download this episode (right click and save).

Joe Murphy was once the skinny kid who came off the bench to fill in on the wing for the last 10 minutes of games.

After hiring Rocky II on VHS and then watching all the others he embarked on an off-season training regime that saw him pack on the muscle to go from the bench to star back-rower.

Murphy’s career was sadly cut short with him on the cusp of turning professional but he took the disappointment and used it to fuel his passion of fitness and rugby league.

He began his personal training career by bouncing around from gym to gym, client to client and just making ends meet. Eventually he settled at one gym and began planning to turn his true passion into his job.

In 2016, the League Fit Academy was born in Sydney’s inner west with Murphy concentrating on developing teenagers into rugby league players.

Murphy displays the dedication and passion needed to succeed in entrepreneurship and launching a gym.

Throughout this podcast Joe explains his idea behind League Fit, the challenges he faced during the 2000s as he tried to make his name in the industry and confronting the doubters who told him there wasn’t a market in Australia for dedicated rugby league gyms.

Entering its second summer in operation, League Fit has gone from strength to strength with Murphy’s clients and their parents telling him about the improvement not only in their physical performance but their discipline and commitment outside sport.

League Fit can be found on Facebook or via their website.

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