Episode 2: Stress management

The episode if available via PodBean here and iTunes or Download this episode (right click and save).

For world champion surfer Mick Fanning, stress management is key. While the world of competitive surfing looks glamorous, it’s filled with wipe outs, heart pumping rides and, in some cases, sharks.

So how does Fanning cope with times of high stress and perform at the top of his game? He works with stress management and breath control specialist Nam Baldwin.

Based on the Gold Coast, Nam runs Equalize Training Company and has clients including Fanning, Stephanie Gilmore, the NRL’s New Zealand Warriors and business professionals.

While the boardroom and rugby league field may seem worlds apart, Nam says the body will react the same way regarding his stress situations by engaging the flight or fight response.

He focuses on teach his clients how to control their breathing, which in turn lowers their heart rate and helps them control stress, allowing them to make well thought out decisions while under fatigue.

Nam has also begun applying the principles of the “Ice Man”, Wim Hoff, who trains in sub zero temperatures. While Nam doesn’t go to quite the same extremes, he believes subjecting the body to cold temperatures brings on many of the same flight or fight responses and requires high levels of concentration to avoid panic.

This discussion goes over how Nam coaches his clients, what his principles are for managing stress, how he has developed his training over time and how he’s gone about establishing a successful business that has grown to be recognised all over the world.

You can follow Nam on Instagram and visit his website here.

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