Episode 1: Fitness myths and business building

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Throughout his teenage years Christian Marchegiani struggled with his weight, bullying and anger issues. He headed down a dark road and found himself in court after a brawl that saw some of his friends stabbed.

The judge gave him a choice: go to jail or join a boxing gym. Christian opted for the latter and began a career that has taken him around the world.

In this first episode I chat to Christian about his teenage years and what led him to start the now world renowned THUMP boxing courses followed by HIRT (High Intensity Resistance Training).

As Christian explains, THUMP started on the second floor of a mechanic’s garage with the bare essentials and grew to being taught in 12 countries and the course material translated into six different languages.

He started the business as a way to earn some extra money while studying at university in his mid-twenties and sold it to a group of investors in 2013.

Since then he’s founded HIRT and applied the research and science he’s learnt across a Masters in Exercise Sports Science to challenge the accepted norms of resistance training.

Ask him if you should concentrate on cardio and weights training and he’ll say you can do both at once, despite what’s often preached in “broscience”.

Christian’s focus is on increasing muscular time under tension, pushing muscles to momentary muscular failure and concentrating on heavy, compound movements. In other words, Keep It Simple Stupid.

A session with Christian will see his clients pushed hard over just a 25 minute period through only 3-4 basic exercises and no treadmill in sight.

I have applied many of Christian’s HIRT principles to my own training and regularly find myself out of breath and fatigued a lot faster than when I completed sessions between 60 and 90 minutes.

Big thank you to Christian for agreeing to the interview. If you’re a trainer looking to do a HIRT course then you can view the website and courses here.

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